His thumb is the powerhouse behind the rhythm that drives his music. His ability to hold the bass-line and chords, while adding melody lines that sing, make his guitar playing complete. His songs are socially astute and heartfelt and delivered by a warm rich voice all his own. With songs of humour sadness and protest this is one blues musician not stuck down at the crossroads.

Steve performs regularly in venues big and small in and around London and the south-east of England. He is always working with new musicians and involved in recording projects. He has just produced a new EP recorded live with the drummer Al Hughes. Steve gets to travel country wide playing the top national Blues Festivals listed below.

Steve has played guitar all his life. The exploration of guitar music from such an early age has created a musician whose performances appear effortless and natural. He is a master of open-chord tunings and he has a bottleneck technique that is fluid, sweet and original. While blues music has constantly inspired this musician his technique and writing style place him as an original. He openly confesses that as a poor copyist he quickly gave up looking just  to other guitarists for inspiration. Instead he lookied to many other instruments and used their influence to create his own sound.

“I have always loved blues music and consider all the old blues men & women to have been my teachers. But, more importantly they have been my inspiration and I remind myself they were at the cutting edge of music, ahead of their time, looking for something new, and creating the music of their age. Wow! What's a poor white boy from London meant to do?”

Steve Morrison

Steve Morrison blends the driving rhythms of John Lee Hooker with the sweet slide-guitar of Ry Cooder to create a sound all his own. “In a better world this man would already be a legend.”         Musician Magazine

Steve and his father.

About Us

“For me ‘Blues’ music is a living entity. It’s a style of music, an attitude to sound & music making. I hear ‘Blues’ in a lot of the music I come across from all around the world but it is always characterised by something personal and unique to the performer. I see an inherent  responsibility to make the music original, relevant and of the time it is created. I once, many years ago, sent a poorly made demo to a Blues Radio Show & the reply read, “just because blues is a simple music it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be sophisticated”. I learnt a lot from that simple remark.”

Video clips from recent live performances.


Gloucseter Blues Festival

Jinney Ring Blues Festival

Maryport Blues Festival

Upton Blues Festival

Orkney Blues Festival

Brownstock Blues Festival

Tooting Blues Festival

Banbury Blues Festival

Battersea Park Festival

Ealing Blues Festival

Aberjazz Festival

Herne Hill Blues Festival

Cambridge Blues & Rock Festival

Fieldview Festival

Crawley Blues Festival

Sevenoaks Blues Festival

Rotherhithe Blues Festival

Ealing Blues Festival

Blues At The Barns Festival