When he played for me at the master class he made my eyes tear,... he so loves what he does and he has a huge heart and he's just there for the music and for nothing else.

Steve got me somehow. He was special. When I grow up I want to be Steve

                                                  Milos Karadagkic

“Steve’s pounding right thumb sets the rhythm and bass on his mish-mash Fender dropped to the thunderous low ’C’ open tuning. His right fingers pull out the melodies at the same time (how does he do that?) with a tone of honey poured over toasted marshmallow.”                                   Mike Windus - Blues In London

“Steve Morrison scores some points with his discretion, which gives the impression of never having played a single wrong note in his life.  Every time he attacks the strings he seems to treat music as an exact science (this is a compliment), as if there was no other note to take the place of the one he selects. “           

                                                                                                                    Coimbra Blues Festival - Gonçalo Frota

“A virtuoso slide-guitar player born in London  and of Scottish parentage, intertwined, like very few, traditional USA Blues riffs with sounds related to rich Celtic music.  The folk tones gave an   unusual accent to the sounds of black culture.  Original, melodic and beautiful.”

                                                                                       Américo Sarmento - Empresa do Jornal de Notícias S. A.

“First of all, automatically, I like Steve, because I heard something in his playing that I don't hear from a lot of players. They don't venture out that far. The harmonics were pure, and the bass is great. Very innovative and easily listened to. Full of tonality, warm and funky at the same time. That slide really picks things up beautifully."

"You know you better move over to where I am at in America, man. I could find you some gigs tomorrow."

"Steve is a surprise, you know. We didn't  realise that an older person would have a chance in a show like this, but of course, why not?! An older person has seen a bit of life! He plays slide guitar and he plays beat-up old Fender Bullet, he's a very deep person and I'm really curious to hear what he's going to bring for us today".

"Steve has incredible energy and rhythm to his live playing and I want to try and capture this the best I can for this recording."

"Steve is kind of an enigma, I don't know what took him so long to get to this stage because he's brilliant. That delta blues playing is wonderful, it's always infectious, people wanna clap their hands when they hear it, they want to sing along with it."

"He just sounded great doing what he does, just playing solo guitar."                   Tony Visconti

Steve & Tony Visconti - Abbey Road Studios

Steve is kind of the guitarist that excites me, because of his playing - he's got an individual style. It's a blues style, he's got his own way of doing it.

He was giving me a couple of little ‘wow!, you know, like a little flash bits that made all the difference…

                                                      Wilko Johnson

Steve & Wilko Johnson - Camden Lock

Steve & Milos Karadagllc - Real World Studios

Steve Coimbra Blues Festival - Portugal

George Benson

Steve & George Benson - Sky Arts 2016