This page contains pictorial examples of how I have set up my ‘HIPSHOT Trilogy’ to move between the 6 or 7 open-chord tunings I use at my gigs. This wonderful machine allows me to use the one guitar. I estimate that it saves me at least 10 minutes in each 40 minute set and the problem of constantly switching to different instruments. My performances are spontaneous and the ‘HIPSHOT’ makes that possible which ever one of my tunings I wish to use.

Steve Morrison’s ‘HIPSHOT Trilogy’


The ‘HIPSHOT Trilogy’ has become an essential part of my ‘kit’ for performing. It  has been fitted to my Fender ‘Bullet’ for more than 20 years now and allows me to switch between the half dozen or so open-chord tunings with ease. I have set my ‘HIPSHOT’ to give easy access to my favourite open-chord tunings such as:

Open D major & D minor tuning - Open G tuning - Open C & C minor tuning - Open A9 tuning & Drop D tuning

You can compare the position of the pegs for ‘STANDARD’ tuning with the ‘OPEN-CHORD tunings marked in red